Cheering Volunteering helps forge new community project links

By Toddington Community Garden project

‘Following a look around the information stands at Cheering Volunteering event on 6 June, the Toddington Community Garden project came across ‘Men in Sheds’ (Dunstable) and knew straight away that there might be a good opportunity for our organisations to work together. So we contacted Men in Sheds after the event with a proposal.

A group of Year 8 boys called The Enterprise Group from Parkfields School, Toddington were already visiting the garden on three separate mornings to do some practical work; some of which involved construction.  We recognised how useful the skills of Men in Sheds would be and asked them if they’d like to get involved.

We visited ‘the shed’ and two of the guys Martin Young and Glynn Ellis advised us what materials were needed to do a repair job on one of our raised beds which was falling apart. Martin cut and bent some metal strips into the correct sized brackets, and the guys arrived at the garden with the correct tools. Martin described to the boys how he had made the brackets and some of the principles of the process, and helped the boys do the repair.

In the meantime, Glynn joined us and two more boys to finish the construction of a hinged cover for the brassicas, providing some useful guidance to both the boys and us! We ended up with two really well done jobs and several boys leaving feeling proud of what they had achieved.  There were of course other boys doing other jobs around the garden (around 15 boys in total), also feeling proud of what they achieved.

We hope that this will be useful to show that what you are doing works, and to see some of the improvements we can make in our communities by working together.’

Want to get involved?

Toddington Community Garden is situated behind The Methodist Church in the High Street. You can follow them on Facebook at Toddington Community Garden, and watch for information on the board by the herb bed outside the church.

For more information please contact Marion Borgars on 01525 872478.