Supporting Biodiversity Partnership Work in Bedfordshire

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity, and people worldwide are focusing on biodiversity: why it is so important, why it is under threat, and what we are all doing to help protect it?

The Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Partnership is a partnership of many organisations including Central Bedfordshire Together, which promotes nature and biodiversity conservation in Bedfordshire and Luton. The partnership works to promote people’s enjoyment and appreciation of the natural environment, and to help conserve and enhance the wide variety of habitats and species in the county as outlined in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP). The plan includes action plans for seven habitats and twenty three species, as well as plans for data management and community involvement.

By maintaining rare habitats and species, and educating people about them, people are encouraged to engage with their local wildlife and green spaces. This not only helps develop awareness of nature conservation issues, but can also have substantial social and health benefits for all involved.

The work of the partnership is often carried forward by small working groups like the Wildlife Working Group; the Local Sites Partnership; the County Wildlife Sites Panel; the Environmental Education Working Group and the Woodland Forum, who can target their specialist knowledge to key work areas.

Partnership successes for Central Bedfordshire include:

  • Establishment of a Local Wildlife Sites Group working to bring positive management to the 263 County Wildlife Sites that are located in the Central Bedfordshire area, helping to contribute to NI 197 and enable land managers to access guidance and funding for management works;
  • Implementation of the Bedfordshire Wet Woodland Project, the assessment of the county’s important arable plant areas; the survey of the key chalk spring habitats; surveying the hedgerows of the Bedfordshire chalk hills;
  • A successful bid for ‘Countdown 2010’ funding for two major projects, one to restore heathland and acid grassland along the Greensand Ridge area, and another covering the conservation of species-rich lowland meadows across the county

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