Sport England New Funding Released – Tackling Inactivity

Sport England have just launched a £3 million fund to tackle inactivity and economic disadvantage.

The funding is about more than getting people active. At the heart of it is using sport and physical activity to improve lives and communities.

If you have a proposal, and would like help with your funding application please contact us at teamBeds&Luton.

Did you know that 12 million people in England are in a lower socio-economic group? And they’re more likely to be inactive.

That’s why Sport England opened their Tackling Inactivity and Economic Disadvantage fund to help people in these groups become active and change their lives for the better.

Anticipated size of bids: £2m pot for awards between £25,000 and £500,000; £1m pot for awards between £25,000 and £100,000.

£150,000 will be ring-fenced from the total budged for small awards between £1,000 and £10,000.

Deadline for expressions of interest and for small awards is 6 November 2017.

Find out more here on the Sport England website, or contact Team Beds & Luton to help make changes in Bedfordshire.